About us

Platinum Dog Hotels pamper pets with resort style vacations by combining home-like amenities with recreational activities. We have multiple play areas that allow your dog to run! Our Pet Experts keep it fun and safe for all: big, small and all sizes in-between. 


This is no one-size-fits-all hotel. You can customize your pup's experience whether you have a lounge hound who likes relaxing or a go-go-go canine. 

Wish you could stay home and play with your dog all day? That's not always possible, but here at Platinum Dog Hotels, that's exactly what we do.

Complete with a variety of services and modern facility. Each day's agenda includes hours of playtime for your pet, including social time with other dogs. Here, there's no need for a dog walker! We have multiple spacious areas that give your dog the freedom to run and play..

Your dog just wants to play, but we understand that your main concern with dog daycare may be the safety and well-being of your pet. Our Pet Experts get to know each pet individually to provide the best care for each unique guest. We’re not dog walkers. We are professional dog lovers!

If you have concerns about whether a dog walker can keep your pet safe when meeting other dogs, you're in the right place. Platinum Pet Hotels keep your dog safely engaged with other dogs to provide the best experience possible for all of our guests. 

If you have a dog that is good with people, but not so good with other dogs we have a solution for that as well. We can offer private play and stay, that would have your dog and our pet experts only mixing together during their stay.